Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Tooth Fairy

On Wednesday, my six-year-old lost a tooth. Here's how the ritual normally goes:

For a few days prior, she points out her tooth and takes any opportunity to show us that it wiggles. "Wanna see my loose tooth?" gets said a few times a day. She shows family, grandparents, friends, cashiers at the store, complete strangers, and animals at the zoo. That didn't happen this time.

She had just lost another tooth towards the end of the previous week. When it came out, she did mention that she had another loose one, but that was it. I didn't hear about it any more, so I forgot about it. So when it came out Wednesday, it didn't seem like as big a deal as the other seven. That's right, my six-year-old has lost 8 teeth without playing hockey.

As a result, the tooth fairy forgot to come. My wife told me so in a text yesterday morning. Later that morning, I received an e-mail:

to tooth fairy
i  hav a qeshdin
i lost a tooth

from madison
Cute, right? My wife said that there must have been a lot of other kids with missing teeth. I took a different approach and replied to the e-mail:

I will be there tonight. Last night I was taking care of a sprained wing from playing tag with Tinkerbell.
The Tooth Fairy
And of course, she came this time.

How has everyone else handled forgetting something so important as being the tooth fairy?

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